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You Do Not Need Black Friday for a Great Sale

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Color of the Day Sale At Camera Land

Every year around this time we start getting calls and e-mails with "Black Friday" inquiries. The media and big box stores have made "Black Friday" seem like such a huge deal. At one time, maybe 20 years ago, it was. There were a few unreal deals to be had if you waited on line for hours and hours and were the 1st few people into a store there were a limited # of items to grab at some incredible price. It wasn't unlimited quantities, it wasn't all day. It was a few great deals. This seems to have snowballed into a marketing campaign that "Black Friday" is the only day to get a great deal.

Reality check....That's BS. We do all we can for our customers 365 days a year. We offer advice every day. We offer, IMO, the best in customer service every day of the year. We work with the manufacturers on an on going basis to bring you:
Demo Deals
Salesman's Samples
Open Box Deals
Dented Box Deals
Close-out Deals

So seriously, why are you waiting for some hyped up mythological sale day, that the media has convinced you is the only day to get a great deal? Give us a call, 516-217-1000, and talk to us. We are here to assist you in making the correct decision whether it is a Sport Optic, a Camera, a Tripod, an accessory item or a hard to figure out gift for the Uncle that you love but is never happy with whatever you buy for him. Call it Crayola Day and get a great deal, the finest in customer service and the right product.

I could laundry list deals here:

Brunton Lite-Tech Yors 3-9x40 Duplex riflescope reduced from $149.99 to only $29.99

Minox BF 10x25 Compact Binocular #62032 reduced from $149.00 to only $59.99

Hawke Endurance 1.5-6×44 30/30 Riflewscope #HK6406 reduced from $329.99 to only $179.99

Midas BTR Riflescopes reduced from $589.99 to only $339.99. Your choice of:

Should I go on and on with a list? No reason to. Those of you who know us know we will do all we can for you. We know what all the other guys are doing. 12% off if you have a code or know someone with a code. Buy this and get a deal on that. Pay full price and get a gift card for a future purchase. Whatever they are offering, believe me, we know about it.

In the past few weeks we posted sales on Steiner, Meopta, Schmidt & Bender, & Athlon with deals running up to 50% off. Just let us know what you want and we will take great care of you.

We are a family owned and operated business since 1957. We have been a supporting vendor here on this forum for many years. Helping out where we can with whatever we can.

I look forward to speaking with and assisting you.

If there is anything you're looking for please give us a call at 516-217-1000. It is always our pleasure to speak with you. Some items are available in open box/demo units at reduced pricing. Always give a call to discuss options and what would be best for your needs

Have a great day.

Thank you for your continued support.
If there is anything else that I can assist you with please let me know.
Camera Land
720 Old Bethpage Road
Old Bethpage, NY 11804
516-217-1000, 212-753-5128
Please visit our web site @ Cameras,Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Rifle Scopes | Camera Land NY
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