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Steiner Predator 4 Riflescopes

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Steiner Predator 4 Riflescopes

High Definition optics meets Predator Diamond Coating
The NEW Predator 4 riflescopes offer compact, lightweight designs, and provide the military ruggedness and durability you’ve come to expect from Steiner! Military-grade optics for serious hunters.The NEW Predator 4 riflescopes offers a compact, lightweight design while providing the military ruggedness and durability you’ve come to expect from Steiner! Best-in-class optical clarity, with a massive field of view to deliver industry leading light transmission, and outstanding results in low light conditions.

The Predator 4 riflescope features an illuminated, second focal plane E3 reticle designed specifically for hunters! The E3 reticle is in second (rear) focal plane which allows your crosshairs to remain fully visible, regardless of magnification setting. The E3 reticle also offers 5 MPH and 10 MPH crosswind reference marks for every 100 yard increment; and provides BDC (bullet drop compensation) holdover marks for each 100 yard increment along the lower vertical cross hair. The illumination has 11 total brightness levels (5 day/6 night), and can easily be fine-tuned with a dial on the side of the scope.

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Steiner Predator 4 2.5-10x42 - E3 #8770

The Predator 2.5-10x is designed for the hunter who needs to find game quickly even in dense environments. The compact and lightweight scope has a wide field of view, an illuminated reticle, and 2.5-10x magnification giving hunters the flexibility they need anywhere from forests to cornfields.

Steiner Predator 4 4-16x50 - E3 #8772
For maximum versatility in a hunting riflescope, the Predator 4-16x offers the best of both worlds. The 4-16 magnification range ensures hunters can confidentially pursue game in all environments. A 50mm objective lens and side parallax adjustment provide a clear and bright image across all magnifications.

Steiner Predator 4 6-24x50 - E3 #8773
The Predator 6-24x is a western hunter’s dream offering the highest magnification scope in the Predator line. For extreme precision and making those difficult mountain shots, the 50mm objective lens and side parallax adjustment provide a clear and bright image even at 24x magnification.

E3 Reticle
All Predator 4 riflescopes feature the proven illuminated E3 reticle, a rear focal plane reticle calibrated for America’s most popular big game and varmint cartridges with ballistic holdover compensation out to 400 yards. Eleven brightness settings make this reticle ideal for hunters lining up shots in low-light or when the crosshairs are on a dark background. Cascading windage dots help shooters quickly adjust for a 10-m.p.h. crosswind.

Rugged and lightweight
Designed to take the challenges afield, this series is consistently reliable regardless of your preferred rifle.

Predator Diamond Coating
Added to High Definition optics, a secret Steiner technology that generates superior light transmission, high contrast and high-definition imaging.

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