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As many of you may or may not know I am associated with Pelagic Outfitters, the premier off shore fishing/tackle shop on Long Island. I wanted to share a great opportunity with you......

It's that time of the year when we are preparing to do a store wide inventory, so we are running a call in inventory reduction sale through the end of June:)

Any of you who have ever worked in a retail operation know how tedious counting inventory can be. The best way to prepare for a store wide inventory count is to have a sale and sell everything so there's less to count :)

The manufacturers get all tweekey about this so we cannot put crazy low pricing on our Website so we are asking you to give us a call, 631-225-8862 so we can hook you up.

When you call in, 631-225-8862, please speak with my partner Chris.

A few examples of great deals:
Grundens Sund 811 Waist Pants in Yellow reduced from $69.99 to only $39.99

Grundens Sund 760 Pullover Shirt (S760) in blue or yellow reduced from $79.99 to only $39.99

Grundens GAGE Fish On Hooded Jacket in Red or Tarragon 50% off, reduced from $89.99 to only $44.99

Grundens Weather GAGE Jackets in Black or Brown reduced from $89.99 to only $59.99

Grundens Weather-Boss Hooded Jacket in Brown reduced from $99.99 to only $59.99

Tormenter Waterman 5 Pocket Board Short 50% off, reduced from $44.95 to only $$22.49

Wave Life Shorts reduced to only $9.99

Great for the boat, truck or garage this Old Harbor Outfitters Deck Master is reduced 80% from $49.95 to only $9.99

Fathom Offshore Shorts
Prop Wash
Spencer Hybrid
Layday Hybryd
Rip Current
20% off

Fin-Nor Marquesa 2 Speed Reels 25% off

Penn International V Reels:
12VSX only $399.99
16VSX only $429.99
30VSW only $459.99
50VSX only $499.99
50VW only $399.99

Caza Offshore Lures 30% off

OTI Jinkster, Jackal, Juggernut Jigs 2 for $11.99

If we have it in stock we will give you a great deal so please give us a call, 6131-225-8862 so we can hook you up
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