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Meopta Optika6 Riflescope Sale

We are blowing out some of the Meopta Optika6 Riflescopes at insanely inexpensive prices in order to spread awareness of these great scopes. If you do not see the one you're interested in listed here please give us a call, 516-217-1000, to discuss the one you are looking for.

The Meopta Optika6 1-6x24 is best suited for fast-paced medium range competition and hunting. The 1X bottom end of the 6x magnification range allows for fast reflexive shooting, while 6x allows you to zero in on more distant targets with ease. Second Focal Plane (SFP) models feature capped 0.5 MOA windage and elevation adjustments, while First Focal Plane (FFP) models feature exposed, locking adjustments for rapid correction in the field. Available with standard, illuminated, or DichroTech reticles in various configurations to meet the challenges of any shooting situation.

#653547 Optika6 1-6x24 FFP - K-Dot reduced from $599.99 to only $429.99

#653555 Optika6 1-6x24 RD FFP - Z-Plus reduced from $649.99 to only $469.99

A true hunting riflescope, the 2.5-15x44 Optika6 features capped windage and elevation turrets to avoid unwanted adjustments when moving fast through heavy cover. 0.25 MOA per click adjustments can be re-set to zero so there is no guess work when you need to dial in different ranges in the field. Featuring reticles in the Second Focal Plane (SFP), the 2.5-15x44 Optika6 is available in numerous standard, illuminated, and DichroTech reticle choices and comes standard with multi-position power ring throw lever. Side focus parallax adjustment allows the shooter to precisely focus for long range shots so there is no doubt that where you aim is where you hit.

#653617 Optika6 2.5-15x44 SFP - .223 reduced from $549.99 to only $399.99

#653625 Optika6 2.5-15x44 RD SFP - Z-Plus reduced from $599.99 to only $429.99

#653628 Optika6 2.5-15x44 RD SFP - K-Dot reduced from $599.99 to only $429.99

Optika6 3-18x50 and 3-18x56 riflescopes are available with First or Second Focal Plane (FFP / SFP) reticles. SFP models have capped windage and elevation, while FFP models have exposed locking elevation and capped windage. FFP models also feature a zero stop elevation turret that allows the shooter to have a definite return-to-zero point no matter what distance they have dialed in for. Standard click values for non-MIL reticles are 0.25 MOA, while MIL based reticles feature 0.1 Milradian per click adjustments. Available in several reticle configurations including optional illumination and DichroTech, the 3-18x50 and 3-18x56 are designed with hunters and shooters in mind.

#653633 Optika6 3-18x50 6.5 Creedmoor 30mm SFP reduced from $599.99 to only $429.99

#653632 Optika6 3-18x50 SFP - .223 reduced from $599.99 to only $429.99

#653641 Optika6 3-18x50 RD SFP - .223 reduced from $649.99 to only $499.99

#653560 Optika6 3-18x50 FFP - Z-Plex reduced from $699.99 to only $499.99

#653575 Optika6 3-18x56 FFP - Z-Plex reduced from $749.99 to only $549.99

To assist you in your choice here is a Link to Our Meopta Reticle Page

We've got MANY other deals going on so please just give us a call, 516-217-1000, to discuss the Optic, Camera or Tripod you're looking for and we will hook you up.

Check out our Recent Sales Flyer

We appreciate all the orders and support. Please stay well and safe.

If there is anything you're looking for please give us a call at 516-217-1000. It is always our pleasure to speak with you. Always give a call to discuss options and what would be best for your needs

Have a great day & please follow us on Instagram at gr8fuldoug1 :)

Thank you for your continued support.
If there is anything else that I can assist you with please let me know.
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Please visit our web site @ www.cameralandny.com
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