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Great Deals on Sports Optics Under $300.00

I thought I put together a list of great opportunities on Sports Optics under $300.00. Riflescopes, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Tripods and Laser Rangefinders that are good quality and not expensive. In no particular order here's some that we feel are quite worthwhile and not expensive. Some are "open box - same as new" that truly are same as new and you save big $$$$:

In Riflescope deals we have:

Konus KonusPro 1.5-5x32mm .25 MOA - 30/30 reduced from $129.99 to only $49.99

KonusPro 3x-9x40mm - 30 30 Engraved #7264 only $74.99

Simmons ProTarget 2.5-10x40 - Mil Dot Riflescope with Rings and Flip-Caps on Sale for Only $74.99

Konus KonusPro-M30 1.5x-6x44mm - Engraved 30 30 with Dual Illuminated Center Dot #7285 reduced from $234.99 to only $99.99

Hawke Panorama 4-12x50 AO 10x ½ MIL DOT #15131 reduced from $269.99 to only $219.99

Sig Sauer Whiskey3 3-9X40MM - 1" - SFP - TRIPLEX ILLUM RETICLE - 0.25 MOA ADJ reduced from $299.99 to only $199.99

Hawke Endurance 1.5-6×44 30/30 #HK6406 reduced from $329.99 to only $179.99

Athlon Midas BTR 1-6x24 - ATSR1 SFP IR MOA reduced from $529.99 to only $219.99

Open Box - Never Mounted - Same As New Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40 - Duplex #174180 reduced to only $169.99

Open Box - Same as New - Burris AR-332 - Ballistic CQ Prism Sight reduced from $349.00 to only $199.99

Demo Steiner M332 3x32 Sight - 7.62 Illuminated Ballistic Battle Sight reduced from $629.99 to only $299.99

In Binoculars:

Open Box - Same as New - Meopta MeoPro 10x32 HD Binocular reduced from $449.95 to only $299.99

Minox BF 10x25 #62032 reduced from $149.00 to only $59.99

Your choice of the Kowa YF30-6 6x30mm or Kowa YF30-8 8x30mm for only $100.00, we have one 6x30 open box for only $74.99

Athlon Talos 8x42 only $139.99, or call in for an as new open box unit for only $99.99

Steiner BluHorizons 8x22 only $194.99 or call in for an as new open box unit for only $149.99

For under 200 yard spotting at the range check out:

Konus KonuSpot-50 15x-40x50 #7124 for only $44.99

Konus KonuSpot-60 20-60x60 #7125 for only $79.99

For a little farther and somewhat better quality take a look through the:

Open Box - Same as New Kowa TSN-502 20-40x50 Compact Spotting Scope only $299.99

Konus KonuSpot-65 15x-45x65 #7116B for only $179.99

Konus KonuSpot-80 20x60x80 #7120B for only $169.99 - Call in, 516-217-1000, to get this special $169.99 price

What good is a spotting scope without a great tripod?

ProMaster Professional XC525C Carbon Tripod - Black reduced from $299.99 to only $199.99

So you know the distance check out the Athlon Midas 1200 Yard Laser Rangefinder reduced from $349.99 to only $174.99

If there's something you're in the market for please give us a call, 516-217-1000, to go over what would be best for you

Have a great day.
Thank you for your continued support.
If there is anything else that I can assist you with please let me know.
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