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In Stock Binocular Opportunities

Thought I'd do a quick post about some great binoculars that we have in stock ready to ship. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss anything listed here or if there is something else you're looking for. Lot's of times we have demos at reduced prices so please give a call, 516-217-1000.

We have a great selection of Meopta binoculars both new and open box:
#562520 MeoPro 8x32 HD
#562540 MeoPro 8x42 HD
#562550 MeoPro 10x42 HD
MeoStar 8x20 ED compact only $149.99
#499780 MeoStar 8x32
#467770 MeoStar 8x42
#467781 MeoStar 10x42 HD
#573250 MeoStar 12x50 HD
#573260 MeoStar 15x56 HD

New and Open Box Genesis 10.5x44

Safari Ultrasharp 8x22
HX 15x56
MM830 Military - Marine 8x30

BX-2 Tioga HD 10x42mm

Midas 12x50
Argos 10x42
Argos 8x42
Talos 12x50
Talos 8x32

Trophy 10x42mm Binoculars - Camo only $99.99

BF 10x25 #62032 only $59.99
BF 8x25 #62033 only $74.99
BF 8x42 Binoculars #62057 only $129.99
BD 8x24 BR #62115
HG 8.5x52

Frontier ED 8x42 - Black #38200 only $169.99
Sapphire ED 8x42 - Green #39201 only $279.99
Sapphire ED 10x42 - Black #39202 from only $259.99

If there is anything you're looking for please give us a call at 516-217-1000. It is always our pleasure to speak with you. Some items are available in open box/demo units at reduced pricing. Always give a call to discuss options and what would be best for your needs

Have a great day.
Thank you for your continued support.
If there is anything else that I can assist you with please let me know.
Camera Land
720 Old Bethpage Road
Old Bethpage, NY 11804
516-217-1000, 212-753-5128
Please visit our web site @ Cameras,Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Rifle Scopes | Camera Land NY
Long Islands Largest Camera and Sports Optics Superstore
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