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Deer Hunt

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I am new here. How is your deer hunting season going on, please share pics if anyone hunts deer ?
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It was not yet eight in the morning, and we had already left the house. Grouped, we went to the hunting place together. These were forest steppes sagebrush. Goats, deer, hares, foxes loved to live there. I slept the whole way. I immediately cheered up, approaching the places as I saw deer and goats running 300 meters from the car. We carefully examined where the animals went. The deer went one way, and the goats galloped to the field road. We managed to shoot one deer and three hares. I am delighted that I decided to get with me a new pistol from the most respectable gun manufacturers in the world. I used it to finish off the deer shot already close. In general, we had a fruitful trip.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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