Protein is very essential for a healthy mind and body, Lentinus, or protein shake are not only the option to intake protein. If you like to follow a plant-based diet, vegan protein powder might give you the extra boost you need after a heavy weight lifting, running, or cycling session.

Instead of other protein products plant protein has more nutrients and fiber. it is far healthier than their meat counterparts. That's because, pound-for-pound, they pack more nutrients into fewer calories

The total intake of protein you need on a daily basis depends on many factors, including your age and health. Regardless of diet and fitness preferences and body weight.

To achieve the right protein intake, that you eat seafood at least twice a week as the main protein dish, which could be challenging if you aren’t adding any meat, fish, or dairy to your meals. If this is the case, vegan protein powder could help you get the protein you need for lean muscle mass, without sacrificing alternative nutrition choices. Most vegan protein powders contain plant-based proteins, like organic sprouted brown rice protein, hemp protein, and organic flax seed sprout that give your body the protein you need without consuming animal-based food products.