Electricity provider or a corporate blue ocean floor
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Thread: Electricity provider or a corporate blue ocean floor

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    Electricity provider or a corporate blue ocean floor

    Now, with the increasingly rapid development of the Internet, many floors and other household enterprises have joined the ranks of the electricity supplier development, but for flooring companies, electricity providers channel really is "profitable", but the walk electricity supplier development, there are four main points still need to be a breakthrough, good product positioning, regular data analysis, stop digging more old customers and attract new users, follow the time
    Generations of development, in order to truly take advantage of the electricity supplier essence.

    Data is magic electricity supplier

    Online and offline, though they are doing the trading, but the biggest difference is the data. The biggest benefit is that all electricity suppliers online data can be collected in real time, any place, what kind of people, with the number at what time the cost of buying which products, which are available online can be collected directly, quickly accurate.

    If the floor entrepreneurs can make good use of these data, regular data analysis, it can be more clear understanding of their market position, to pave the way for further improving the product, so it has become an electricity supplier online and offline able to overcome a very important factor.

    Products are electricity supplier base

    Flooring products in the electric business in is in the most important and basic position. Whether it is done online or offline to do, certainly better than the product itself, the product in addition to how well the product contains pictures, descriptions, shop fitting and shipment of product details page, of course, also includes the value of the product itself, which is often entrepreneurs flooring is easy to ignore.

    The customer is important to explore the potential of groups

    Internet users and the growth of the Internet crowd electricity supplier has to 270 million, with the bonus factor increasingly weak, we want to grasp how existing customers? How to improve the user's conversion rate? Like how to dig the old users and attract new users? Mining and old customers, this is a very good advantage of the electricity supplier, the next line is difficult to do. Because for many manufacturers and brands, the customer is how he's hard to figure out the distribution. But this we do for electricity providers, but it is very easy to get.

    Blue Ocean Wireless is online shopping

    Wireless Internet users estimated to have reached 783 million, with the development of mobile Internet, more and more people become "finger family," to use the mobile Internet is everywhere. Now people phone online shopping is not too much, but this is only a matter of time, just like the beginning of the PC as not many people shopping.

    The micro-channel payment platform will gradually become more and more mature, and the transaction will be more convenient wireless. But how to make your product look more beautiful on the phone number in the phone side of the experience better, it needs more and better descriptions and photos. So, this is a very worthwhile investment and attention to the floor where entrepreneurs, this place is a sea of ??blue electricity supplier.

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    Good article! Thank you so much for sharing!

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